You want to fix Cydia crashes after reboot which occur all the time? You can't launch any apps and tweaks from Cydia? That's pretty awkward right? So what should you do to get the things fixed? Obviously it's a jailbreak related issue and you should perform some manual work to get things back on their places. fix-cydia-crashing The most common reason for Cydia and Cydia tweaks crashes is that your Mobile Substrate is dead. It is a code insertion platform for many jailbreak tools such as WinterBoard, Dock2, Springtomize 2 and Five icon Dock that allow you to modify your iPhone’s appearance. Developed by Cydia's creator Mobile Substrate works with code that allows to work with graphical extensions and Cydia as well. It’s available through Cydia and updates are completely free. The latest version is 0.9.3998 and as always it brings some new features and stability improvements. To get it back you can either rejailbreak your device and refresh all the jailbreak packages with that or just reinstall the Mobile Substrate package. But it's kinda tricky when you can't launch Cydia, right? That's why you must manually install the .deb file to your iDevice. Download the latest version of Mobile Substrate.

There are three ways how to do that to fix Cydia crashes after reboot:

First way (iFile):

If you have iFile installed on your gadget then use two following tutorials for Windows and Mac to automatically install .deb file.

Second Way (iFunBox):

If you're on Windows, download and run iFunBox. Make sure that you have iTunes installed because that programs uses some of iTunes libraries to work properly. Connect you device to PC via USB cable. Find Cydia Install icon in the program's left menu and simply drag-and-drop the .deb file there. Reboot. The package will install automatically.

Third Way:

With any file manager navigate to device's var->root->media->Cydia->Auto Install folder. If it isn't there - create it. Place the downloaded .deb file there. Reboot your device. The package will be installed during reboot. That's basically how to fix Cydia crashes after reboot by reinstalling Mobile Substrate. If you have any questions about that, something didn't work properly or you know some other ways how to do that - write us in the comments below.