Dong Nguyen who deleted his application Flappy Bird from the App Store because it was very popular and highly addictive assures that the app will make a return in August. iPhone and iPad users who missed seeing Flappy Bird in the App Store will be glad to hear this news. Just like hackers predicted once hearing the news about the game being deleted from the store, the dev who created it made the app even more popular and decided to bring it back. Flappy Bird return is planned for the end of the summer. It should be refreshed, according to Nguyen. The developer wants to bring multiplayer mode to his game and make it “less addictive.” flappy bird return Flappy Bird iPhone download hasn’t been available for a long while. Once the game disappeared,a lot of users started to offer their smartphones and tablets with the game installed on them for thousands of bucks on eBay. Such listings were quickly deleted after being listed by the site but users who managed to place their bids were eager to pay this much for the game. Flappy Bird iPad and iPhone version brought its creator big amounts of revenue from advertising [about $50,000 every day when the game became popular]. No wonder, as the application was enjoyed by millions of people from all over the planet. There are not many details about the new features that will be offered soon, but players hope to see a more polish version of the iOS game. Right now there are still some clones of the game that are trying to clone Flappy Bird’s success but fail. A lot of them appeared right once the app was taken down from the store. Most of them died pretty quickly. Users are waiting for the original release which should arrive in the end of this summer. Flappy Bird to Return to the App Store in August!