Is your iPhone 7 running out of space? Do you take thousands of images every day, upload various iOS 10 apps, download and watch videos? There is a useful guide below which explains how to free up space on your iPhone by clearing your data and documents.

iPhone Clear Data

Each smartphone eventually runs out of space since its user keeps downloading new tools, taking selfies and regular photos, shot videos, browse the web and play games. Anyway, there comes a day when you suddenly realize that you should delete documents and data on iPhone that you no longer need. Let’s learn how to delete documents and data on iPhone without deleting apps and useful programs. Actually, you should understand what exactly this word ‘data’ means right now. When we speak about removing the documents we don’t mean the files, apps and tools you have, use and require to save. All the iOS 10 applications, games you are using, third-party tools, iCloud documents and web browsing add data on your smartphone that is known as cache. Once you delete these files you’ll clear your memore and get free space without removing any important information from your Apple handset. iPhone Cache Clear

How to Free Up Space on iPhone: Documents and Data

iCloud Docs and Data

Firstly, you need to get rid of useless files saved by iCloud applications on your iPhone 7 or other handset updated to iOS 10. Step 1. Open Settings on iPhone. Step 2. Click on your profile – iCloud (or simply iCloud if you have installed iOS 10.3). iCloud on iOS 10.3 Step 3. Look under Storage option and select iCloud. Step 4. Choose Manage Storage and you’ll see the Documents & Data menu. iPhone iCloud Show All Feature Step 5. Click on Show All feature. Step 6. Select the application name and all its cache will be deleted. How to Clear Storage on iPhone Step 7. If you want to remove all cache you should choose Edit – Delete All option. Step 8. Confirm that you are deleting documents and data for various iCloud applications and you’ll clear up some space on your iOS 10 iPhone. How to free up space on iPhone 7

Reinstall iOS 10.3 Apps

When we are talking about how to free up space on iPhone we should think about reinstalling apps you need and deleting the ones you don’t use. Step 1. Go to Settings. Step 2. Select General section. Storage iCloud Usages on iPhone iOS 10.3 Step 3. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage menu. Step 4. Look at your Storage option and choose Manage Storage. Remove app to clear cache Step 5. Choose the app and its data will be removed. Step 6. You can also select Delete App and reinstall it since this way all the cache data will be automatically removed along with the application. Remove Images to clear up Space on iPhone

Remove Old Messages and Images

There is another method on how to delete documents and data on iPhone 7. You can remove the old text messages you don’t need and photographs you don’t like or need. For images: Step 1. Go to Photos application on iOS 10.3 device. Step 2. Select Photos section. Step 3. Choose ‘Select’ option from the upper right part of the screen. Step 4. Select all the images you want to remove and click on your trash option. You’ll find this button at the lower right part of the screen. For text messages: Step 1. Go to Message program. Step 2. Select a conversation. Step 3. Click-hold the message to get to More section. Step 4. Select the SMS to delete it or click on Delete All if you want to remove all messages from the conversation. Perform these simple steps once in a while and you’ll have enough free space on your mobile device. Isn't it simple?