Ok, we've already performed some iPhone hacks like hacking iPhone's filesystem, grabbing photos, text messages, address book. We can even change ringtones and brightness on astonished stranger's phone. What more can one wish? The correct answer is - the evil things! Come on guys, that's a phone. Photos are ok, music is ok, but the main function of the phone is to make calls. Actually, the iPhone's baseband (/dev/tty.baseband) is inaccessible, it has communication process on it, waiting for calls and messages. But why should I write this if we hadn't have a clue? That's right, there's a loophole - /dev/tty.debug.

iphone hacks minicom

In order to talk to the modem we can use minicom (he's a part of the BSD-environment package). It has to be set up in order to serve our dirty iPhone hacks (minicom -s) as it ttries to connect to /dev/modem by default. But if you're in the rush, create a simlink - ln /dev/tty.baseband /dev/modem (simlinks on your phone is a cool thing!) Now you have to run minicom and start sending AT-commands. For instance, AT+CBC command shows battery life info: AT+CBC +CBC: 0,65 OK Battery health is 65% and it will last for some time. Now you can call, send a message or do some other useful stuff. Let's send one, that's a good idea after reading and backing them up (second part of Funny and Useful iPhone Hacks). Here we go: AT+CMGF=1 - baseband goes to text mode (0-voice, 1-text) and sends back OK AT+CMGW="+712345678" - the beginning of the message itself. The number is a part of the command. Baseband will return the invitation to enter the message ->Welcome... to the world of tomorrow! The message will end when modem receives EOF. Modem will return OK and +CMGW: N, where N stands for message index in modem's memory. AT+CMSS=N - sends message with index N - returns OK if the message is sent successfully. iphone hacks wtf

WTF iPhone Hacks

Two simple recipes for the dessert: 1. To make enemy's iPhone reboot every 5 (2, 10, 30 etc) minutes - just type in crontab -e and add one single line to cron: */5 * * * reboot 2. Stealing all the free phone space is also a good idea for iPhone hack, isn't it?
cat /dev/random > hahagotcha.txt
Free gigabytes will expire very soon, and the device will steadily ask his owner to delete some photos or some music. If you like those iPhone hacks, have more to tell or just want to discuss them - welcome to the comments section! And remember  - make no evil.