FuriousMod is a tools that helps your iPhone to work with Gevey SIM on iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1. It doesn't support any new basebands, so it's not the baseband 04.11.08 unlock or something else method, but this tweak can make your life easier. FuriousMod works with Gevey Ultra but may be good for other Gevey cards as well and it frees you from dialing 112 every time your iPhone reboots or its battery dies (ouch). There are lots of questions of how to use FuriousMod and where to get one. Threads on FunkySpaceMonkey, JailbreakQA and modmyi give some answers on that question (MacRumors is a winner in that competition). But we decided to write this article to give you the full picture on how FuriousMod should be used.

FuriousMod tweak

Instruction on how to use FuriousMod on iOS 5.0.1 baseband 04.10.01:

  • First you have to jailbreak your iPhone
  • Use this link and install iFile to your device in case if it isn't still there)
  • Open this link in your iPhone: http://www.mediafire.com/?nwznig3588wsm6l
  • Save fmod.deb file to your local storage
  • Find it in iFile and install
  • Reboot your device for completing the installation process
  • When the phone boots up again you will see a FuriousMod icon on your desktop
  • Don't perform any actions and dismiss all the error messages, just wait for 50-60 seconds
  • The signal bar and carrier's name will appear
This one seems to be a really working method.

There's other one, that involves FuriousMod Cydia download:

1. Your iPhone must be jailbroken 2. Run Cydia and add this repo: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/Squuiid/ 3. Install the package 4. Respring and reboot your iPhone 4. Perform all the usual Gevey SIM's steps The alternative method to run fmod.deb on your iPhone is to install it using SSH-access:
  • Go to var/root/media
  • Add Cydia folder
  • Within Cydia folder create AutoInstall folder
  • Put the .deb file there and reboot
Most of people found this method useful so if you're tired to dial 112 every time after rebooting or switching off your iPhone and Gevey SIM fails - try it, at least its free.