There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to take advantage of iPhone empty space icons. If you add them to your display you’ll be able to place your other home screen icons anywhere. Apple and Android often borrow different options from each other still it is impossible to simply move icons around your home screen like it happens on Android platform. Luckily you can add empty space to iPhone screen and you don’t have to jailbreak iOS 9 platform to make this happen. Add Empty Space on iPhone Home Screen Arrange Icons

How to Add Empty Spaces to iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 1. There is a program iEmpty. You’ll have to use it online. Step 2. You should create a blank home screen page by making all icons wiggle and take a screenshot of the ‘empty’ page. Step 3. Go to through mobile Safari browser. Step 4. Choose Customize option. Step 5. Click on Custom mode and press Add. Step 6. You should add by selecting Choose File feature – Photo Library – screenshop of your empty home screen. Step 7. Now press on Upload Photo. Step 8. You should see your home screen with different icons. Click on the positions you wish to be ‘empty spaces’ later on. Step 9. Click on Share when you created a custom icon and choose to Add to Home Screen. Step 10. Don’t make any changes and just click on Add. Step 11. You need to repeat the same procedure for every blank icon you wish to create. iOS 9 iPhone should now get empty spaces and you can arrange your other icons any way you want.