iPhone 5S pre-orders are being now taken with the device appearing in the stores on September 20. Customers who are planning to make this purchase soon should know how to adjust iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner introduced with the new mobile operating system – iOS 7. The new scanner introduced by Apple in its new 5S phone line this fall adds more protection to users. There is no need to unlock the gadget like you have been used it. You can simply press on the Home button and the sensor will scan your fingerprint and unlock the smartphone for you. You will just have to set it up by following this easy-to-understand guide.

iPhone 5s touch id

Setup Touch ID for iPhone 5S

This detailed instruction is simple and fast. Use it once you purchase the latest iOS handset. Step 1. Launch Settings app on your fruit phone. Step 2. Find Passcode. Step 3. Go to Fingerprints and click on this option.


Step 4. Press on My Thumb option. Step 5. You will see further guide on the Place your Finger field which is easy. Just move the thumb or other finger on the Home button that works as fingerprint scanner and maps the exclusive “drawing” of your finger. The scanner will create your fingerprint profile so wait a bit as it works. Step 6. The Success message will notify you that the scanner has complete its work. You will now have to verify your finger. Step 7. Get back to the previous display. Place the finger on your Home button to see the highlighted profile. Step 8. Test the Touch ID feature by locking the gadget and unlocking it by tapping a finger on the Home button.


By the way, iPhone 5S owners are able to add additional Touch ID to their gadget [for another finger or even another person’s thumb etc.]. To do so repeat the first three steps of our guide and choose Add a fingerpint. Repeat steps 5-8.