Since not all DNS servers are fast. Sometimes they work too slow and users wish to change their DNS server on iPhone 5, iPad mini or other iOS 7 device. It is easy to configure DNS server on iOS smartphones and tablets if you know this simple guide. How can you point your iPhone or iPad to a different DNS server? We’ll explain this below, but let’s begin with what Domain Name System stands for. DNS is the system that can translate different sites to your IP address. Some of them work fast and you open pages quickly, while others are way too slow and make you frustrated at how long you have to wait in order to search the web or visit your favorite websites. dns server iphone 5

DNS Server iPhone 5 / iPad Mini: How to Configure on iOS Devices

To change DNS server on iOS 7, you can simply follow this instruction.

How to Configure iOS DNS Server

Step 1. Any changes to your DNS server on iPad mini, iPad or iPhone begging with Settings application. Step 2. Select Wi-Fi menu in Settings. Step 3. Choose your connection from networks’ list. Click on ibutton. Step 4. You need to scroll down. Look for your DNS section and click on numbers next to it. Step 5. You can enter setting for DNS server on iOS device when you see the virtual keyboard. Just enter the new server address and get back by clicking on Wi-Fi option. That’s it. You can changed your DNS server to improve internet experience on the iPhone or iPad.

change dns server ios 7

Famous DNS Servers

Some well-known companies offer free fast DNS servers. There are also a lot of public [open] servers you can use. For example, you can try using Google’s DNS or You can also find other servers to use and choose the one that has great speed and security.