Are you a fan of Netflix TV shows and movies? It is possible to download movies to iPad from Netflix (and your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6 and other models) and watch them offline. This is a great option for those of you who don’t have WiFi connection and still want to be occupied. Follow the simple instruction below and you’ll learn some interesting secrets about your iDevice and its possibilities. Offline playback is a great option, especially for users with a tablet device. iPhone users can also watch TV shows and films on their gadgets. It’s always greater if your favorite movie is saved on your smartphone or tablet as you can enjoy it whenever you want. There is no need to search for iPad and iPhone movie download sites or extra services because we know how to download movies on iPad for free. Is there any additional thing you must know? Are you able to download just any TV show you like? We’ll answer these questions pretty soon. How to Download Movies to iPhone iPad

How to Download Movies on iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad

Netflix is a popular entertainment application. You can download and install it on iOS 9 or iOS 10 platform. In other words, you can can have it on iPhone 6, 6s, older 5s and the most recent versions iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The app actually allows you watching shows offline. You’ll just have to download them and save for later entertainment. Before we start our guide you need to make sure your Netflix version is at least 9.0.1 because older releases do not support the downloading options. Download Videos on iPhone via Netflix Download Movies to iPad from Netflix (Works on iPhone as Well) Step 1. Double check your Netflix’s version. If it’s older than 9.0.1 you should install the latest release. Step 2. It is only possible to download the movies that are owned by the application. So you cannot download just any TV show or movie. The list of available files is not that long but Netflix assures it has plans to add more items in the future. Step 3. Take your iPhone or iPad and launch Netflix tool. Step 4. There is the Menu on the top and you should click on it. You’ll see the 3 horizontal lines and this is the Menu you need. iPhone Netflix Videos Available for Download Step 5. Click on the option that says ‘Available for Download’ to proceed. Step 6. Select the TV show or movie you want to download. Step 7. There will be a download button next to each movie that is available for offline watch. Press on it. Step 8. Download movies to iPad to watch offline (or to iPhone). Video Quality iPhone Netflix How to Download Movies on iPhone, iPad: Video Quality You are able to control the quality of movies and episodes. There is standard and high video quality. It takes much loger to download high resolution episodes and they require more space. Here is how you can choose it: Step 1. Launch Netflix. Step 2. Choose App Settings menu. Step 3. Click on Video Quality feature. Step 4. Choose between Standard and High options and download what you want. Download Netflix Videos on iPhone via WiFi Cellular How to Download Movies to iPad to Watch Offline via Cellular Sometimes you might want to use cellular connection to download videos. You’ll have to disable WiFi Only feature which is present in Netflix – App Settings menu. Once WiFi is turned off you will download everything via cellular connection [learn how to hide and unhide iPhone photos on iOS 10]. How to Remove Videos from Netflix on iDevice Videos can take much space on your smartphone or tablet. Watch them and delete to free up space for other files. Here is how to remove episodes and movies: Step 1. Open Netflix program. Step 2. Click on menu to continue. Step 3. Press on My Downloads section. Step 4. Press on Edit option to proceed. How to Delete Videos from Netflix iPhone Step 5. There will be the ‘x’ option near your items. Press on it to delete movies and episodes you prefer to remove from your iDevice. What do you think about the ability to download video files directly from Netflix app to the iPhone and iPad? Isn’t it great when you have a new movie or TV episode to watch offline? Remember that there should be more files added to the program soon. You could also search for alternative ways and download movies from other applications.