A lot of iPhone users like to send messages via iMessage and communicate via FaceTime. These two features are must-have and it is sad that iOS 7 update has harmed them. You can try to fix both problems using this guide. Most iDevice owners should have updated to the new firmware without problems. Still the bugs might be present and you can solve the issues making FaceTime and iMessage work properly again.

imessage ios 7 fix

Fix iMessage iOS 7 / Fix FaceTime iOS 7

Follow this instruction and enjoy using your most loved applications again and this fixes don't require jailbreak. So let's consider different methods that you can use to fix your issues with iMessage and Facetime after iOS 7 / 7.0.1 / 7.0.2 update. Method 1. You can play with Settings trying to turn both options off / on. To do this, launch Settings and go to Messages or FaceTime. Turn them off [white toggle]. Wait for about a minute. Turn them on [green toggle] and wait till the programs are re-activated. Has it fixed the problem or not? Method 2. You can try to change your Network Settings. Go to Settings, choose General – Reset and click on the option called “Reset Network Settings.” Does it help?

facetime ios 7 fix

Method 3. Turn Wi-Fi on and reset your iDevice. To do this, press on your Home button together with the Sleep / Wake button. You will see Apple logo. In case the methods 2 and 3 haven’t helped you, try to repeat the first method again and see whether FaceTime / iMessage are working or not. Important Note Sometimes Apple servers are under DDoS attack which can affect these problems. So you better wait day or two until Apple will fix this issue. iOS 7 Updates If the problem doesn’t vanish, wait till the Cupertino-based giant presents iOS 7.1 upgrade or simply downgrade to previous iOS 6.x version for a while. You can also stop using both apps till the problem is fixed and enjoy other iOS 7 features and options. Do you have other troubles after updating to the latest mobile operating system? Is your update painless and without any problems at all? Hopefully, you get no bugs.