Millions of iPhone users are big fans of Facebook and are using the social network apps on their smartphone. You have hidden messages Facebook Messenger app and you are able to find these messages using a simple guide. There are many messages in your inbox and you might not even know that there are Facebook messages you haven’t read yet [are you using Facebook Live Photos option?]. You can easily find hidden messages on iPhone and this procedure is fast, easy and can really surprise you. iPhone Messenger Find Hidden Messages

How to Look at Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger App

Step 1. Take your iPhone and launch Facebook Messenger program. Step 2. Scroll down till you see Settings icon and tap on it. If there are no Settings for you choose Me option. Step 3. Click on People menu and select Message Requests. Step 4. Do you see Message Requests for unreal messages? Step 5. You should see the See filtered requests link [of blue color] so click on it. Step 6. Once you are on the filtered request window you can see all your hidden Facebook iPhone messages. Does it sound like fun? Step 7. If you wish to delete filtered messages you can click on Edit – Delete and remove them. Is it fun to discover unread messages in the app you are using on a regular basis? You surely get notified when there is a new message waiting for you however there are situations when you receive a message without notification. It’s always nice to discover something new, isn’t it?