Even if you haven’t updated to the newest iOS 9.3.2 you might come across iPhone Bluetooth bug. It’s true that 9.3.2 release is very buggy but users who are running earlier Apple mobile firmware versions also suffer from different problems and issues. For example, your iPhone can’t pair Bluetooth devices. Is there a fix to such iPhone Bluetooth issues? A fix is available and you can use it right now. It works for anyone whose smartphone cannot work with other devices via Bluetooth connection. iPhone Bluetooth Connect Fail Fix Guide

How to Fix iPhone Can’t Pair Bluetooth Issues

Step 1. If you can’t pair iPhone with Bluetooth accessories you need some fix. It should work for your Apple Watch wearable, speakers, car audio system etc. Step 2. You need to figure out if the problem is with accessory or your iPhone. This is pretty important. Use your computer or other devices to double check if everything is ok with Bluetooth gadgets. Step 3. If this is the iPhone that cannot connect to Bluetooth you should try to disable Bluetooth and restart your handset. Do this by going to Settings and selecting Bluetooth feature which you should first turn off [learn how to change Bluetooth device name on jailbroken iPhone]. Step 4. When the iPhone reboots go to Settings once again and choose Bluetooth option to enable it. Hopefully this simple guide solves your problem and Bluetooth starts working. You might also need to forget your pairing device via Settings – Bluetooth – I icon – Forget This Device and try to pair it again. There are other steps you can try: reset your network settings, restore the iPhone, setup your iPhone as new one. Do you still have the problem?