iPhone users like to take pictures using this smartphone. But sometimes you can accidentally delete some of the images you wished to keep in your gallery. Is it possible to recover deleted photos on your iOS smartphone? Here is the instruction that can help iPhone owners to get back their precious moments captured on handset’s camera.

how to recover lost photos on iphone

It is better to store photographs you like on an external drive as you can free some space on the iPhone and be sure not to lose your images. Still if the accident happened and you are left with a lot of deleted iPhone photos that are not backed up, here is what you can try. 1. There is a program called PhotoRec. It is created specifically for your needs. This app can restore lost files, including photographs and videos. You just need to have a jailbroken iPhone which is currently impossible for iPhone 5S, 5c and 5. Hopefully hackers will soon present iOS 7 jailbreak and more users will be able to use PhotoRec or similar apps to recover their lost images by accessing your device’s subsystem with locked files. 2. You can try to use Easeus app which works with iTunes backup files and gets lost photos, videos, games, applications etc. from there. 3. Another tool you can use is called iPhone Backup Extractor which exploits iTunes backup system and gets files from there. iTunes always stores your data after you sync the handset to this computer program so the tool can access your photographs, games, contacts and other information you believe to be lost. 4. If you like to get free apps Data Recovery can be your opportunity to test how recovery programs work. It gives you a free trial with some limits. Still you can try to save your photos with its help. You can prevent photos from being deleted by accident. Just backup your iPhone as often as possible and you won’t have to use any applications to recover lost files.