Have you tried the interesting hidden iOS 11 safari features for developers? Now it’s time to test other options added to this mobile browser. iPhone and iPad owners can now automatically save their reading lists on both iDevices using iCloud and the new Safari changes.

iOS 11 Reading List Offline

We’ll share a simple step-by-step guide to help you save reading list with Safari browser to iCloud but this is currently possible with iOS 11 firmware. You’ll have to install developer or public beta testing version before you can explore all the new extras, options and improvements Apple is adding to this mobile platform. iOS 11 features are already tested by many users across the world. It’s always great to have something to read offline. You can automatically save reading lists to enjoy offine reading on iPad or iPhone via iCloud and this is possible when you are running the most recent software beta. Perform this active via iCloud and your updated mobile browser. iOS 11 Safari Features Offline Reading List

How to Save Safari Reading List on iOS 11 iCloud

Here is what you have to do in order to save reading list with Safari to iCloud: Step 1. Download iOS 11 beta and install it on your iPhone or iPad. Remember that this is testing firmware version so it could be buggy. Thus experts advise public testers to update to iOS 11 beta only on a secondary device. Leave your primary smartphone or tablet run the official iOS 10.3 or earlier safe-to-use software version. Step 2. Go to Settings on your gadget. Step 3. Get down until you see Safari menu. Click on it to continue. Reading List Offline on iPhone and iPad Step 4. To save iOS 11 reading list offline you should select the option called Automatically Save Offline. It is located at the bottom of the screen so you need to scroll until you reach it. Just turn on the switch to enable this iOS 11 feature. Step 5. This is how you add to reading list with Safari. The list is saved to your iCloud. How to Stop Automatically Save Reading Lists Option You can also stop your feature called Safari reading list offline for iCloud. Now since you’ve learned how to add to reading list on iPhone and iPad it is cool to explore the possibilities to stop using this iOS 11 Safari option. Step 1. Go to Settings on your iDevice. Step 2. Choose Safari menu. Step 3. Get down to the botton of the page and disable the iOS 11 feature called Automatically Save Offline. Now your Safari reading list will not be automatically saved to your iCloud account. Explore new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad Set Up Your iPhone Reading Lists on iOS 11 You see that it’s up to you where to automatically save your Safari reading lists to iCloud to read offline or keep them in Safari only. The latest iOS 11 beta makes it all possible with a couple of clicks. If you find anything curious while surfing the internet you can quickly add the post or article to read later on. The best thing about such reading lists is that you can read your favorites while you are offline and save your traffic this way.