Users with iOS 9.3 iPhone can trick iPhone Night Shift setting and make the option automatically enabled or disabled depending on the time of the day. Learn how to set the feature for switching on and off depending on the sunset or sunrise. This is a cool addition to iOS 9.3 firmware. iPhone Night Shift mode is a cool option that makes the screen brighter depending on the time of the day. It is easier for eyes to read at night thanks to this Apple feature. You can easily enable Night Shift mode through Settings – Display & Brightness. Then you are able to schedule the feature to turn on and off depending on your location. Follow the guide below and learn how you can adjust this option on your own. Night Shift iOS 9 iPhone Enable Display Automatically

Automatic iPhone Night Shift Setting Instruction

Step 1. Launch Settings on iPhone. Step 2. Go to Display & Brightness option and select Night Shift. Step 3. Turn on Schedule feature and pay attention to From / To section. This is the option to show your Night Shift start and end time. Step 4. Sunrise / Sunset options are enabled by default, still you can create your personal schedule through Custom Schedule option and set different time frame. Step 5. You should enable Locations Services if you are ok with default sunset / sunrise option. This way your iPhone will automatically enable Night Shift at sunset and disable it at sunrise. Launch Settings and choose Privacy – Location Services where you can get to System Services and select Setting Time Zone to ‘on’ position. That’s it.