What is dark mode and can you enable it on Apple’s iOS 10 firmware version? How can you enjoy the dark theme option on your iPhone and why you would like to turn on the ‘darkness’ anyways? Let’s answer these questions and learn how you can use the cool feature.

iPhone Night Mode iOS 10

Apple introduced the dark mode for various devices. iPhone, iPad and Mac users can now turn on this option on the newest operating systems for their mobile gadget or computers. Why would anyone wish to take advantage of iPhone night mode? This is the main question asked by users who have installed iOS 10 and have no idea how to turn on this feature. What is it? Dark mode is an awesome thing that is must-have if you are book worm. People who like to read e-books or use their smartphone at night should think about their eyes. Dark Mode thinks about you and protects your eyes from burning so you can read from the mobile screen, browse web and watch your favorite TV shows and movies without any worries. The reading and watching experience is really comfortable and this is why iOS 10 tips are so important. Now since you know what Dark Mode really is, let’s figure out how to turn on Dark Mode on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus as well as previous handsets. Enable Dark Mode on iOS 10

How to Activate Dark Mode on iOS 10

You cannot just enable the cool darker screen after updating to iOS 10. However we know one amazing tip you can follow. This trick can turn your screen light a bit darker making it more comfortable to read at night.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone:

Step 1. We won’t use any iOS 10 dark theme however you can download such theme if you wish. Our ‘theme is the little trick we’ll perform to make your iPhone screen darker. Step 2. Go to Settings if you really wish to enable iOS 10 dark mode. Step 3. Select General section. iPhone 7 Settings - General - Accessibility to enable Dark Mode Step 4. Click on Accessibility feature. iOS 10 guide for Dark Mode being on Step 5. Press on Display Accommodation option. Enable Invert Colors on iOS 10 Step 6. Click ‘on’ to enable Invert Colors. Step 7. Choose Color Filters to continue getting the effect similar to iPhone night mode. Step 8. Enable Color Filters. Enable Color Filters on iPhone iOS 10 to use Dark Mode Step 9. Choose Grayscale option. Step 10. Your smartphone screen has already become darker. Do you notice this change? Make iOS 10 screen darker Step 11. One last thing to do. You should swipe up from the lower part of the display to adjust the brightness slider. You should move it to the middle. What do you think about this ‘iOS 10 dark mode: how to turn’ on guide? Do you find it useful? Remember to disable this tricky mode in the daytime. Using such tips, you’ll be able to read stories at night however all your videos and pictures would look weird. They won’t be clear. Users who are planning to watch a movie can use the same iOS 10 tricks only partly. Just turn on your Grayscale option and your display will become darker while the video you wish to watch will remain clear.