Trustworthy unlocking service Apple N Berry proposes permanent paid IMEI unlock service for AT&T iPhone 4 on any baseband (4.11.08, 4.12.01 as well) and firmware. This IMEI unlock also works on iPhone 4S, 3GS and 3G. During this week I wrote you about different services that could perform IMEI unlock. But I know nothing about all these methods so I advised to not hurry and wait for some real proofs. However today Apple N Berry LLC claims to unlock AT&T iPhone after which you can use any carrier and without Gevey Sim.

imei unlock at&t iPhone 4

How to IMEI Unlock AT&T iPhone 4

All you need to do is to provide your IMEI with serial number which you can find going to Settings => General => About and after 1-2 days, you can connect iPhone to your computer and make an official unlock via iTunes. This unlocking method works on all smartphones and iOS versions of the baseband. In other words, this technology allows you to unlock AT&T iPhone 4 using IMEI number with any baseband even including 4.11.08 and 4.12.01. Also it works on iPhone 4S/3GS/3G with any baseband as well. So this paid unlock can be good solution for those which iPhone can not be unlocked using free solutions as Ultrasn0w. The most amazing in this IMEI iPhone 4 AT&T unlock is that it is not only official and permanent unlock, but after that you can easily update your iPhone with any new iOS firmware. Also you can swap Sim cards and use any carrier in any country.

How Much Cost IMEI Unlock AT&T iPhone 4

Well the price a little higher than other services but I thing it worth it because we can trust ApplenBerry. So the price is $150 and you can order it if you don't know any other trustworthy service. I know that it was not fair when Apple N Berry sold their Gevey sim that used free SAM method. But know I think that we can trust this solutions because the company needs to save its reputations. So I'm almost sure that you can try this IMEI unlock AT&T iPhone 4 especially if your device is on 4.11.08 or 4.12.01. How do you think?