Many customers in India wish to purchase refurbished iPhone. Apple tried to get local government to approve the app for selling such models however the idea was rejected. This means that right now the ‘fruit’ giant cannot import refurbished handsets and no one knows if and when such opportunity can be real. The idea of offering refurbished iPhones India could be an interesting solution for Apple however the company tried twice to sell its products and got down. The emerging Indian market needs affordable gadgets and since the Cupertino-based giant offers popular but expensive iPhones [compare iPhone 6s and iPhone SE] – more users are willing to get either affordable smaller device or agree to get the refurbished device. Refurbished iPhone Apple News India Refurbished iPhone India online shopping could be available but from third-party resellers. Apple is not allowed to import and sell its refurbished handsets. Refurbished iOS devices are offered across the world. Apple sells them in the U.S. and some other countries through online store but is not allowed selling such gadgets in India. What is a refurbished iPhone? This is just used device that is certified by Apple after it got checked for quality and tested for working well. Second hand handsets are also popular in India so getting refurbished devices could be incredible. If government allows. At the same time Indian government allows Apple to open own retail stores in this country. The smaller 4-inch iPhone SE, for example, is pretty popular in India since its price is lower compared to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.