Let me introduce you new iFile 1.5.0-4. Also you can install iFile for free using my how to guide. This updated cracked version brings more advantages and fixes then the old one. Install this iPhone hack  and you will enjoy it for free. Cracked iFile 1.5.0-4 app gives you the possibility to manage your files quick and easy.You can zip multiple files or directories at once, create, delete, copy, cut (move), paste. Use different file types such as movies, images, sound, text, HTML, plists, Microsoft and Apple types, PDF, various compressed formats. PDF and image files can be viewed at large zoom scalees. install ifile for free 002 First it may seem that it looks like Total Commander on Windows but it is not true. Just install iFile 1.5.0-4 for free and you will find out why.

How to install iFile 1.5.0-4

Step 1. Open Cydia =>Manage =>Sources =>BigBoss Repo Step 2. Choose iFile App Step 3. Click install iFile install ifile for free 003 So now you can enjoy it for free. iFile brings a lot of advantages. For example you can use this link and find out how to install .DEB files using iFile. Also this new updated version brings a lot of new fixes. Take a look at them.

Updated iFile Fixes

  • Fixed problem with the inability to generate directories that contains spaces in their path.
  • Fixed problem that rotating wheel still didn't disappear for many users.
  • Fixed problem that pushing + button to add in a file/folder/link for 4th time crashed iFile.
  • Fixed bug that alterations in a String field of an Array in a property list didn't get saved.
  • Fixed that after a big change of a file in Property List Editor or Text Viewer the file browser didn't get updated.
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