Curious about how to install SSH on iPhone? There's lots of ways to copy files to your iPhone such as tweaks from Cydia or desktop programs for managing device's filesystem. They all have their benefits and lacks so it's up to you to choose which method to use. But it would be an awful mistake if we'd forgot about method of transferring files that appeared right after jailbreak landed on iPhone. I'm talking about SSH. This three letters stand for Secure Shell which is a network protocol made for secure data connection.

Install OpenSSH on iPhone

To install and enable SSH on iPhone you need to:

Step One: Jailbreak your device Step Two: Run Cydia and find OpenSSH and install it Step Three: Go back to Cydia Step Four: Download and install WinSCP client if you're on Windows (link) Step Five: Launch WinSCP Step Six: On your iPhone go to Wi-Fi settings, choose your current Wi-Fi connection, go to details and look for IP address Step Seven: Go to WinSCP and put that IP address to Host Name field Step Eight: In User name field type in 'root' and in Password field type in your 'alpine' SSH password (if you didn't change SSH root password) Step Nine: Click Login button. The server will run Step Ten: You'll see the window divided in two (like in Total Commander on Windows or Midnight Commander on Linux)

Install OpenSSH on iPhone 1

That's it, you're now remotely connected to your iPhone's filesystem. That was easy, right? Now you can add, remove, change, copy or delete any files you'd like. That could be very useful for auto install deb files or managing files within your iPhone. The process is very similar to Browsing through iFunBox on Windows or DiskAid on Mac but the main advantage as for me is that you don't need to connect your device to your PC or Mac and all the operations can be performed wireless.