The official iOS 10 release date will be in the fall 2016 however users will be introduced to this new Apple mobile firmware this summer. The company will announce the real iOS 10 specs during WWDC 2016 event in early June. Developers and public beta testers will be testing this firmware version the whole summer. There are different iOS 10 rumors. For example, some experts promise that Apple could release standalone HomeKit application along with the operating system upgrade. This would be an interesting change because currently advanced iOS users have to use different third-party programs when they wish to control HomeKit-enabled gadgets. If there is special HomeKit application in iOS 10 it will be easier for users. iOS 10 Rumors Specs Features Options A lot of users hope that these iOS 10 specs are real. Many people waited for Apple to present Home application a year ago when the company unveiled iOS 9. This didn’t happen. Will this year change everything and bring this curious update to users or not? There are also reports about possible Siri integration into HomeKit app so that users can control their gadgets using this personal assistant. Even without Siri support this would be a wonderful gift to all ‘fruit’ company fans, wouldn’t it? Apple could wait till September to introduce Home app within iOS 10 or make it a must-have feature in 2017. The company has already released iPhone SE and is expected to launch iPhone 7 and 7 Plus later this year.