There are a lot of instructions on how to install iOS 7.1 and update to this firmware version. You can find them online or open iTunes and upgrade via it. We are here to explain how you can use Safari Reader mode on your updated iPhone or iPad. This is really simple yet this feature is must-use for everyone who likes to read different web pages from a mobile gadget. It is true that some pages are difficult to read on a small device. Smartphone users often experience problems which can be fixed via Reader mode introduced in iOS 7.1 Safari update. It is easy, simple and fast. You need to make just one click and clean the pages from different junk. Having a small page with bunch of extra images, ads and other staff make it hard to concentrate on the text. iOS 7.1 Safari Reader You might have guessed that the solution just cleans the page leaving you only text and important pictures. Here is how to do this on an iPhone 5S / 5 / 4S / 5c with iOS 7.1 installed on it: Install iOS 7.1 and Use Reader Mode in Safari to Enjoy Reading Web Pages Step 1. Launch Safari browser on your iDevice. Step 2. Once you are on a web page you should click on a Reader button [you will find it on the left of iOS 7.1 Safari address field]. That’s it. The browser will reformat the page you are reading deleted all the advertisements and extra junk. You can now enjoy reading iOS 7.1 web pages with just text and photos from the original article. iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S users who decide to update to iOS 7.1 can enjoy reading clean web pages in Safari browser using the cool Reader Mode option.