Many iPad Pro users were upset with the rumor about iOS 9.3 Apple Pencil stop being the stylus on their tablet. The current iOS 9.3 beta versions showed developers that it was impossible to use Apple Pencil as the navigational tool. Of course, many people who have purchased this accessory wish to continue using it as a regular stylus on their device. It turns out that Apple Pencil navigation features will be kept by the Cupertino-based company even after iOS 9.3 update. Some latest reports state that the iPhone maker does not take any options away from its Pencil tool. Thus it will remain all the functionality and features it has on iOS 9.2 firmware version. Apple Pencil iOS 9.3 Features for iPad Pro It’s nice that Apple Pencil compatibility with iOS 9.3 doesn’t make the iPad Pro creator to remove any features that are already popular among many people. Users will still be able to choose text with Pencil, scroll and perform other navigational tasks using this accessory on their updated iPad Pro gadget. Nothing has been removed in upcoming iOS upgrade. Apple left the statement for all iPad Pro users regarding the Pencil features. The company assured it understood many users and their wish to continue using Pencil for navigation since not all tablet owners prefer navigating with a finger. The ‘fruit’ giant also stated that it would be working to bring the popular features back to the Pencil in iOS 9.3 and devs along with public beta testers will be able to test these options in the next iOS 9.3 beta. We should remind you that iOS 9.3 beta 4 lacks the wanted features however the beta 5 should bring them back.