Let's compare iOS 9 vs iOS 8 features to see differences and all the changes in the latest Apple's mobile operating system. Apple introduced iOS 9 at its opening WWDC 2015 keynote. And while iOS 9 was rumored to be a super bug fix and performance update, Apple sneaked in quite a lot of surprises for iPhones. Here’s a visual comparison of iOS 9 beta and the latest iOS 8 release, which is 8.3. This comparison will give users a glimpse of what they should expect once the final build of Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices hits download channels later this year. Note: You can see iOS 9 beta screenshots on the left and iOS 8.3 on the right side. Home Screen: As you can see thee is the new Wallet app. It replaces Passbook. System-wide font has also been changed from ‘Helvetica Neue’ to ‘San Francisco’. home screen Notification Center. Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices has a stock widget to show battery status of iPhone and connected Apple Watch along with a new widget for Find My Friends. Battery widget is not available for not iPads, only for iPhones. notification center Settings: New search field at top in iOS 9, as you can see on the picture below. settings Spotlight Search: New page on left of home screen with Siri suggestions for contacts and apps, and news, all based on your frequency of use and location. Siri UI (a) Siri UI (a) Siri UI (b) Siri UI (b) On the picture below you can see Wallet app Vs Passbook app wallet app Battery Settings: The all new ‘Low Power Mode’ option and some changes in ‘Battery Usage’ UI you can see below. battery usage New ‘Battery’ option is front and center in iOS 9 Settings app. Passcode: Six-digit Passcode is now default for Touch ID devices, four-digit for non-Touch ID devices. Both type of devices can optionally change to six-digit or four-digit. passcode Keyboard: Upper / Lower case letter keys in iOS 9. Upper  Lower case letter keys in iOS 9 New iOS 9 Notes app: Options for adding sketches/drawings, photos, change text formatting, add check lists and more. To make conclusions, to compare iOS 9 vs iOS 8 features from the pictures above we can say that Apple did great work. Starting from the brand new font – San Francisco – which Apple debuted with the Apple Watch to new multitasking features in iPad, there’s a lot to like about iOS 9.