Different teams of hackers promised to work on iOS 9 jailbreak however not all of them launched their untethered tools yet. For example, users are still looking for iOS 9 jailbreak TaiG but this group doesn’t hurry to make everyone happy. At the same time Pangu team released the unique and only iOS 9 – 9.0.2 jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and even updated it a few times already. If you need to solve issued and problems you experience during or after jailbreak you might want to download and use Pangu jailbreak fix. There is a new version 1.1.0 you should get if you are planning to untether your iDevice. Pangu iOS 9 Jailbreak Bug Fix Version 1.1 Remember that Apple already presented iOS 9.1 firmware and killed Pangu exploits so users who installed the new OS using direct iOS 9.1 links or via OTA-update cannot jailbreak with Pangu. Make Taig will present iOS 9.1 jailbreak soon, we don’t know. According to news, Pangu v.1.1.0 offers improved backup procedure and it shouldn’t take too long as some usersnoted. The speed of jailbreaking should also be faster. Other changes added by the team include fix to the problem that caused the jailbreak fail because of low disk space on their computers. By the way, abnormal network status also caused Pangu to crash and this bug should be fixed now as well. There is also the re-jailbreak option now that is visible to users whose gadget was updated through iTunes and detected as jailbroken. The Xcode bug was also solved. You can download the new Pangu 1.1.0 and follow the instruction on how to jailbreak iOS 9 firmware using this tool. Remember that it is currently possible to untether through Windows computers only. Mac users can run Windows virtual machine to use the same program and successfully install Cydia store with iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks on their home screen.