Finally the big day has come! Just as the previous year March 7 brought us a new iPad with lots of awesome features and beautiful design. Covering all the rumors around the iPad 3 features, we can now see which of them were true. First of all what you will see in the new iPad 3 is the Retina Display, which is undoubtedly a cool feature, as the pictures are more sharp, comparing with the older tablets. Moreover, the new device comes with a Siri voice assistant that uses voice recognition technology in order to answer your questions, set alarm, change your schedule and handle a number of other similar tasks. Siri has been a hit as a feature of iPhone 4S, that’s why it wasn’t surprise for us to see it included in the iPad 3. Another wonderful feature which was talked about in the iPad 3 presentation video is a quad-core A6 processor.  There were lots of rumors saying that the new iPad 3 would have A5X processor, but nevertheless A6 won. 4G LTE radio for Verizon and AT&T allows iPad 3 work on the newest networks. Besides this, iPad 3 presentation video confirmed that there is a new dock connector, as the old dock connector is quite sizable piece in a very small device. I think that there is no need to say about the better front and rear cameras, as all the rumors were true. Want to find out more about the features of the new device, then watch the iPad 3 presentation video.