It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, as all the people are waiting to see the iPad 3 presentation. March 7 is undoubtedly a big day for millions of people who want to find out which new features the iPad 3 will have and how much it will cost. In the iPad 3 presentation video we saw that the new tablet has a lighter battery, thinner and sleeker design and also has Retina display. Moreover, it has Siri voice assistant and quad-core A6 processor among the new iPad features. Besides that, in the iPad 3 presentation video we found out that the iPad 3 prices won’t differ from the prices of the first iPad.
  • iPad 3 16GB WiFi - PRICE: $499.00

  • iPad 3 32GB WiFi - PRICE: $599.00

  • iPad 3 64GB WiFi - PRICE: $699.00

  • iPad 3 16GB WiFi + 3G - PRICE: $629.00

  • iPad 3 32GB WiFi + 3G - PRICE: $729.00

  • iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 3G - PRICE: $829.00