The most recent iPad Pro 9.7 inch model is released and customers start to receive their pre-orders. The same situation is seen with the new 4-inch iPhone SE versions. Apple is shipping the first pre orders and users are happy to experience more with Apple. The company usually releases new gadgets once a year. The 2016 is an exception as consumers got iPhone SE upgrade and should see iPhone 7 release later in the fall. There are many rumors about possible iPhone 7 specs and features however those are rumors and iPhone SE is already here. iPad Pro 9.7-ich Pre Order Shipment Arrival iPad Pro pre order and iPhone SE pre orders being arriving. Users are happy and many potential customers are thinking whether to purchase the small phone or wait for the next iPhone 7. First iPhone SE / iPad Pro models were received by New Zealand customers. How different is iPhone SE from iPhone 5s? How different is iPhone SE from iPhone 6s? How much do these models have in common? Users are advised to compare all these models in order to get the most desired smartphone from Apple in case you wish to upgrade your older iPhone 5 or other model this spring. Apple fans from New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, Canada and the U.S. are getting their pre-orders but you can already walk in your closest Apple retail store and get a new iPhone or iPad Pro if this is what you want.