You know that before you update, jailbreak or do anything else with your iPhone it is better to create a backup file of your smartphone through iTunes or iCloud. We have told you before how to delete backups from iTunes and now it is time to speak about the same procedure for the second program. You can delete backups from iCloud and free up some space. Apple gives its users only 5GB of free storage in iCloud [you can also learn about iCloud security]. When you run out of this space you can either buy more space [Apple offers more at additional cost] or remove the old backup files to clean some space in your account. Follow this instruction step by step and you’ll complete this task without issues.

How to Delete Backup from iCloud

Step 1. Before you begin you have to learn something. You can use this method to delete one backup file or all old backups you have. This becomes handy if you got a new Apple smartphone this year and don’t need the backups created for the previous model. Step 2. Now, when you have learned why you might like to remove some older files you can take your iPhone 6, 6 Plus or any other model and launch Settings app. Step 3. Go to iCloud menu and select Storage option. Step 4. Tap on Manage Storage. Step 5. You can now select and click on your device under Backups menu. Step 6. Click on Delete Backup option. Step 7. The program will ask you if you want to remove all the backup data you have. Select Turn Off & Delete and all the old backups will be deleted permanently. Note that all the backup for the device you have chosen will be disabled. Step 8. If you want to remove backup files for particular apps you have to select Settings app and choose iCloud – Storage where you can view Manage Storage and ask the device to Show All Apps. You can now disable the sliders for apps of your choice and click on Turn Off & Delete. Note that you can’t free too much space by deleting backups from iCloud.