How many ways are there for iPhone 6S Force Touch option to be used? We all know that Apple is expected to present the new lineup of its popular smartphones this fall. The so called iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models are believed to get the Force Touch feature which will be different from the one present on the Apple Watch and some Mac models. How easier would it be for customers to use their handsets? Force Touch can use sensors built into the phone to recognize hard press from light tap gestures. This opens new opportunities for all fans of ‘fruit’ gadgets.  

How to Use Force Touch on iPhone 6S Ideas

Let’s imagine that iOS 9 and iPhone 6S release already happened. Here are some ideas what first consumers are able to do with their brand new handset and the Force Touch feature. *Simple Settings Access Right now you can access your app menus through Settings. However this might change if Apple lets users hard press on the screen and access Settings. Wouldn’t it be great? *Fun Gameplay Force Touch iOS 9 might be used inside the games. For example, when your character is running you might be able to use Force Touch to make it jump. There are multiple ways how developers could use the new technology to enhance gameplay experience. *Keyboard Switch It could be nice if by using Force Touch while typing you could switch your keyboards. This might be a great thing for fans of iMessages and emails. *Webpage Thumbnails Apple could also let users peer inside the webpage before loading it. Just Force Touch on the URL and the site thumbnail appears – does it sound like a fun idea? *Other Possibilities Apple could allow users and developers using Force Touch for shortcuts and better visual arts in different photo and drawing applications. There are so many fields where this technology could be used. Still Apple hasn’t confirmed yet how exactly this feature would work on the new iPhones.