The two smartphones iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S7 camera comparison can give you an idea what model to buy. Apple released its iPhone 6s in the fall 2015 [one designer already created a crazy widescreen iPhone 7 concept]. Samsung presented the new Galaxy S7 upgrade in early 2016 and should start selling it in March. The two rival companies are always fighting for new customers. It’s true that iPhone 6s camera is good. Apple did a lot to make this handset interesting and finished and customers often choose the ‘fruit’ models because of Apple’s love to details. Samsung also worked hard on improving its Galaxy lineup and the latest S7 / S7 edge models can boast cameras with the same resolution sensor as Apple iPhones. Both devices offer 12MP resolution sensor and other similar specs. iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S7 Camera The new Galaxy S7 camera comes with wider f1/7 aperture that thus images taken by this camera are brighter than on iPhone 6s which boasts f/2.2 lens. In other words, the new Samsung smartphone that will be officially sold starting on March 11th has the camera that receives more light than sensor on iPhone 6s. This still doesn’t mean that iPhone 6s’ camera is not as good as on Galaxy S7. For example, Apple made sure that it’s handset have no issues with blurred edges and noise. The new Samsung phone will be fully tested once it becomes available to public and this is when users will be able to really compare that two smartphones and choose the best camera.