I think that the main part in iPhone is its baseband. Baseband carries information that you can use for your needs. But how can you get that info from the baseband? You can use Minicom to get it for iPhone unlock and other needs. You may use different commands to check for example your iPhone's lock state and other tips. You can easily download Minicom and use it adding commands to you iPhone baseband. Here I give you the list of baseband commands that you can use.

AT Commands For iPhone Baseband

First install Minicom here and you can use mobile terminal to to locate it for the list of AT commands which you can find in this post. Also you can use such operators as iGSM or SendModem. These programs may be easier in use for beginners. For beginners: Minicom, igsm and sendmodem helps you to give different commands to baseband. When using Minicom just type at and press enter and type the commands from my list.

List Of AT Commands for iPhone Baseband

General commands
  • atz: Reset modem
  • ath: Hangup modem

This one is for SMS

  • at+cmgf: SMS operating mode (at+cmgf=0 - PDU, at+cmgf=1 - text)
  • at+cmgs: Send SMS (write at+cmgs="[PHONE NUMBER]"[ENTER][MESSAGE][CTRL-Z] while [ENTER] is an enter (\r\n) and [CTRL-Z] is ASCII 26)

Test Commands

  • at+xdevice
  • at+xmultislot
  • at+xrlcset
  • at+xrrset
  • at+xsimloopback
  • at+xloopback
  • at+xppp
These command is for unlock
  • at+clck: Traditional unlock command
  • at+xlock: Wildcard unlock
  • at+xsimstate: Print lock state (write at+xsimstate=1 to turn on, at+xsimstate=0 to turn off)

Informational commands

  • at+xl1set="command": "help", "psvoff", "psvon", "sev", "mon:", "ms_error_log", "HO_FAIL_ON", "HO_FAIL_OFF", "scell", "balist", "pdch_filter
  • at+ccid: Shows SIM ICCID
  • at+xpincnt: Show SIM PIN Counters (attempts left)
  • at+xlog=0: Shows firmware Version
  • at+xl1set="command": help, iroff, iron, ir_opt_off, ir_opt_on, iroff
  • at+cpwrof: Powercycle baseband modem from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+csq: Get signal strength from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at&v: Display the profiles in the Baseband (Active Profile, Stored Profile 0 and Stored Profile 1)
  • at+clac: Show some baseband commands
  • at+xtransportmode: Leaves AT mode and enters TRANSPORT mode (binary)
  • at&h: Show more Baseband Commands
  • AT+ipr=XXXX: This one sets the terminal speed. Example: at+ipr=230400
  • at+xdrv=9,3: Command from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+csq: Get signal strength from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+xgendata: Writes the baseband version and EEP version and revision
  • at+cgsn: Show serial number from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+xgcntrd=?!?!?: GPRS related
  • at+xgcntset=?!?!?: GPRS related

Sys Commands

  • at+cmec
  • at+xmagetkey
  • at+xmagetblock
  • at+xpow
  • at+xtracesystime
  • at+csq
  • at+ctzu
  • at+ctzr
  • at+calm
  • at+crsl
  • at+clvl
  • at+cmut
  • at+xalsblock
  • at+xlin
  • at+xhomezr
  • at+xciph
  • at+cged
  • at+xrel
  • at+xcspaging
  • at+trace
  • at+xservice
  • at+xtdev
  • at+xtfilter
  • at+xtraceip
You can also see other AT commands  here. Just enter your direction and enjoy.