Most iPhone and iPad users prefer to back up their smartphone / tablet once in a while. Some use iTunes to reach this goal. Great, let’s imagines you have several backup copies of your gadget but now you wish to find iPhone backup on iTunes location [here is how to recover iPhone videos from backup]. Where should you look at? When you know the exact place where your backups are located you are free to delete, move them or extract contents from backup with third-party tools. Locate iPhone iTunes Backup on Computer

Where Is My iTunes Backup Stored on My Mac Computer

Step 1. Launch Finder. Step 2. Select Go option and choose Go to Folder. Step 3. You need to type this location: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ Step 4. Finder can open the folder with all your backups for you. Step 5. You can now work with the iPhone backup folders.

Where iTunes Store Backup on Windows

Step1. Choose Start / Windows depending on your Windows version [here is how to delete backups from iCloud to save some space]. Step 2. Type %appdata% and click Enter and you’ll launch AppData folder. Step 3. You can now open Apple Computer – choose MobileSync and find Backupfolder. The full location for backups on Windows machines is called \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\. Step 4. Since you have found the correct folder you can delete backups you don’t need, browse through folders, move them etc. Since it’s hard to identify which backup is meant for which iDevice you should launch iTunes and choose Edit – Preferences to select the Devices menu and find the list of all your gadgets with their backup dates. Knowing these dates you can figure out what backup files you have on your computer.