Repository Editor v.2.00 for iPhone is one of the best Microsoft Windows program, that lets your create or modify and download all of the repositories including the actual zip format files. Also you can create a repo that added a bunch of other sources using iPhone Repository Editor v.2.00. You can use our guide on how to install and use iPhone Repository Editor v.2.00. Create and host your own repository. Import existing repositories (sources).

iPhone Repository Editor v.2.00 Features:

iPhone repository editor

  • New Repo User Interface
  • Web Server included
  • Repo Package searching
  • Mini web-server (on local IP and port 80)
  • Ability to download separated ZIP packages
  • Repository indexes download bug fixes
  • Can create local repository for Cydia (not tested)

Download  iPhone Repository Editor v.2.00

Download link [Windows users only]

Download  iPhone Repository Editor v.2.02 [beta 1]

Download link