No matter what some experts say about iPhone SE orders Apple seems to experience strong demand for 4-inch iPhone model. Consumers seem to be happy with the smaller ‘fruit’ handset that can replace iPhone 5s lineup and Apple happily reports bigger iPhone SE chip orders for Q2, 2016. It was earlier reported that iPhone SE processor orders were planned for up to 4 million for second quarter. Still customers are so interested in this device [iPhone SE with new features was officially released this spring] that the Cupertino-based giant had to revise its orders to over 5 million devices. iPhone SE Sales Strong Demand 2016 It is curious that the higher demand for new smartphones is reported after Apple confirmed the first decline in its iPhone sales history. At the same time the company’s CEO Tim Cook noted that iPhone SE got higher demand than expected and this is a good sign for Apple. The company can improve its smartphone sales in the next Q3, 2016 if the demand keeps growing in the summer when there are no public updates. We’ll know how popular iPhone SE is once Apple shares its earnings report and provides information on model sales and not common iPhone sales. This model isn’t that popular in the U.S. because local customers prefer bigger and more expensive Apple smartphones, but it is extremely demanded in China and India [Apple even offers its iPhone SE leasing program in India]. These two emerging markets have millions of customers who wish to own original Apple phone but want to pay for it as little as possible. There are predictions about Q3, 2016 financial results being similar to Q2 report. We’ll know the truth later. Apple is now testing iOS 9.3.2 and preparing for WWDC 2016 conference where it should present iOS 10 and other new products for this year.