Looking for the most interesting iOS tips and tricks? Have you had a chance to find iOS 10 update download link and install it on your smartphone or tablet device? Now it’s time to learn more about iPhone sideload apps trick that is possible even without iOS 10 jailbreak. All you need is Xcode 8 and your iDevice updated to the most recent version of Apple mobile firmware. Also remember that you can already play Super Mario Run on iPhone for free and see what this upcoming Nintendo game is all about! The interesting iPhone magic tricks you will find below are perfect for those users who like to download third-party apps that are not available in the App Store. You might have heard that Cydia iOS 10 tweaks (apps that are not licensed to arrive via official ‘fruit’ App Store) are available to jailbroken users only. Well, it turns out you don’t have to jailbreak iOS 10 platform if you wish to install some applications that have no license. Xcode 8 for Mac Details Xcode 8 Details You can choose iPhone sideload option instead that requires Xcode 8 download instead of jailbreaking. For example, you can easily install iCleaner Pro or iFile using this method. What is Xcode? Since iPhone tricks are available only thanks to it we have to share some details. Firstly, you should learn more about Xcode Ghost problem. Secondly, Xcode 8 (and earlier versions) is IDE (stands for integrated development environment) that is used by developers and users who wish to develop programs for iOS 10 using special software development tools. Using XCode, you can write code, test your apps and debug them. Download iOS 10 ipsw for iPhone iPad Direct Link iOS 10 Update Download Before you can enjoy iOS 10 tips you should use iOS 10 download link. It is also great to check iOS 10 supported devices list to make sure your model is compatible with this operating system. The newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can be updated to the latest release. Older models (such as iPhone 6s, 6, 5s) can also run it. You will find many interesting iOS 10 features to enjoy after the update. Apple brought a lot of simple yet powerful changes that improve iPhone and iPad experience. Sideload Apps iPhone Mac Xcode8 Guide

How to Sideload Apps on iPhone 7

Step 1. The iPhone magic tricks begin once you download Xcode 8.1 for Mac. You can find Xcode app on the App Store. Step 2. Install the program on your computer. Step 3. Visit http://developer.apple.com site and create a dev account if you don’t have one. Users with an active developer account should simply login using their Apple ID and password. Step 4. Launch Xcode program on Mac machine. Xcode Developer Tool Mac App Store Step 5. Open Preferences on Xcode and go to Accounts. Here you can add a dev account using the ‘+’ (Plus) option. Step 6. Decide which third-party application you prefer to sideload on the iPhone. Copy its URL from the browser. Step 7. Select Source Control menu on Xcode 8. Step 8. Click on Check Out and paste the URL of the app in the repository box. Step 9. Press on Next. Click on Download option. Wait for the tool to complete downloading the application on your Mac. The app title should be visible in Ready section. Step 10. Take your iPhone or iPad and connect to your computer via USB cable. Step 11. Select your device from the drop-down menu near the application title. Step 12. The iOS tips and tricks aren’t them difficult, are they? Press on Play option when the status is ‘Ready’ and wait for the app to be uploaded on your iDevice. Step 13. The application icon will appear on your iOS home screen. Step 14. Launch Settings on iPhone. Open General Menu and go to Profile. Step 15. Continue working on your smartphone. Select Your App menu and click on Trust to authorize the app. Step 16. Now you can use the application as if you downloaded it via the App Store. Of course, the process is a bit complicated. Stay patient if you wish to make iPhone iOS 10 device even better and install great third-party programs without jailbreak.