The iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 iPhone unlock using R-SIM 9 is one of the used methods for iPhone unlocking in line with factory IMEI unlock and other tools. This iOS 7.1 unlock SIM method is easy to use and anyone can actually complete his or her iPhone unlock on iOS 7.1 and other 7.x firmware versions using this SIM unlock. Before you learn how to unlock iOS 7.1 iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 and other models / firmware versions, you need to learn more about R-SIM9. This 7.1.1 / 7.1 iPhone unlock tool is believed to be stable. It doesn’t mess up with the handset. It supports different models, including 5S and 5c, and is safe to use. iphone-ios-7-1-unlock-rsim9 It looks like a SIM card. Only you need to use it along with your native SIM inserting the tool underneath your carrier SIM. This tool is light but you have to buy it and have it shipped, as iOS 7 unlock with R SIM is not a distant unlocking. You need to have the card in your hands to perform this simple procedure. Make sure you get the real R-SIM9 as there are a lot of fake cards sold on scam sites. The real one has to have a special code on its package which can be verified through website. You should also see the RGKNSE logotype on it. To unlock iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 4 and other models, you need to take these steps: 1. Make sure your model is supported BEFORE you buy the SIM. 2. You need to run iOS 7.1, 7.0.6 and earlier versions of 7 firmware to use it. 3. The card should have a menu that allows you selecting your mobile operator or entering the carrier code in case your carrier is absent in the menu list. 4. How to unlock with R-SIM? Once you accept the carrier in Step 3 you should restart your handset. You now know how to unlock iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 5S along with other models.