Today is very easy to jailbreak iOS device. All you need is working and clear how-to guide to perform jailbreak without problems. Many web sites propose a lot of info but what can you do if you have some problems with jailbreaking process. So I decided to write you this article about most common jailbreak problems. I made a research. I went to the different forums, read comments from other sites and just was looking for those who complained on problems that had appeared through jailbreaking process. And I found out that it was quite normal and could be easily fixed.


What You Need to Know

  • Jailbreak doesn't harm the hardware of your device
  • All errors through jailbreaking process can be easily fixed because jailbreak is reversible
  • Jailbreak problems and errors that I give you need sometime to be fixed. If something goes wrong then try to fix it again and again
First let's look at most common problems that could be during jailbreak and then I show you some tips hot to fix jailbreak errors. So read it carefully and do like I said.

Common Jailbreak Problems

  • Black Screen
  • iTunes Restore Error 3194 (You can use this guide to fix it)
  • iTunes Restore Error 21
  • iTunes Restore Error 2005
  • Stuck at Connect to iTunes
  • Stuck at Apple Logo
  • Stuck at Pineapple Logo
Each of the previously listed errors may be fixed effortlessly with no specialized knowing . The one thing you should do is get the gadget to DFU mode. New iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad owners begin to worry when their gadget doesn't function after jailbreak and they worry on their own choice of jailbreaking. DFU mode can be simply accomplished with correct timing of holding the power and home buttons. Look at instructions below to put your gadget into DFU mode. So jailbreak your gadget and don't worr about the problems because you can fix them here. jailbreak problems

How to Fix Errors during Jailbreaking Process

Note: Back up all your data files before doing this Step 1. Go to other computer with iTunes or uninstall (re-install) this program. Step 2. Put your device in DFU mode:
  • Hold Home Button together with Power button for 10 secs
  • Release Power button and hold Home button for 10 secs
Step 3. While holding Home button, connect to iTunes via USB cable. Step 4. Now iTunes will detect your gadget in Recovery mode. Step 5. And press Restore button then agree and install firmware and it automatically puts your gadget to original state. So if you have some problems with jailbreak then read my guide and fix the errors. As I said before, I gave you most common problems that could be during jailbreak. If you didn't find here yours then I only could advice you to search how to fix it on forums or just Google it. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and receive all latest updates regarding iPhone and unlocking exploits for it. Also you can say or ask something on the comment form bellow about jailbreak problems.