Usually when you answer a phone call on iPhone while listening to music your firmware will automatically pause the song until the call ends. Still not all users are happy with iPhone resume music after call option. You can change this on iOS 9 if you have a jailbroken smartphone. Use Pangu tool to jailbreak your iPhone. This program supports several iOS 9 platforms up to iOS 9.1 which is also supported by the untethered iPhone jailbreak from the Chinese group of hackers. So if you were lucky to jailbreak this system you can download one jailbreak tweak and enjoy more features than non-jailbroken users. iPhone Music Stop Resume After Phone Call Ends iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Stop Music Playing After Phone Call

Step 1. Go to Cydia store on iPhone and download the tweak PauseAfterCall. Its title speaks of the option you’ll get. Step 2. Install the iOS 9 tweak. This program supports Pandora, Spotify and other music applications. Unfortunately it won’t work with Music app by Apple but many other third-party tools are supported. Step 3. There are no configurations. Step 4. Now with the iOS 9.1 Cydia tweak installed you can listen to music and it won’t resume playing after you get a phone call. The program should simply prevent the song from being resumed after your call ends. Step 5. If you want to listen to the song that was interrupted by a call you can start it manually. This is a nice extra feature many iOS 9 users should be happy to get. It’s also nice that the Cydia tweak is free to use.