The two-step verification was introduced by Apple in 2013 to help users protect the unauthorized access to their smartphones and tablets. Still this can become a problem for users who suddenly or sometime forgot Apple ID recovery questions and ID recovery key. There is nothing to panic about even though users assure that the company can’t help you if you don’t have your key. Luckily, there is one more way out of this situation and your nerves can be saved along with your comfort. If you lost Apple ID recovery key you will be able to get. The iOS smartphone maker will not give it you, no. Don’t call the retail stores or customer support as they will say they can do nothing unless you provide them with your key. There are special generators that can create the unique 14-character key you can use with the secured verification for Apple ID. It helps out when you don’t remember the password to your account or already lost your access because someone else tried to hack you. icloud-verification-two-step When you don’t remember еру key you should remember about the ability to generate a new ID recovery key and return access to your personal iCloud account and iPhone. In most cases you don’t even need this key, because you can return your access using a trusted device [the second phone of your relative or friend] and the original password. But if it happens so that you get hacked [such situations aren’t that common] you will need the key otherwise your account might be blocked permanently and you wouldn’t be able to have it back. It’s best to write your recovery key down and place the piece of paper in a safe place and remember about generator. These are your alternative opportunities to save your account from being lost forever.