Maybe every person who have factory iPhone 4S want to know anything about valid MMS settings. I have a factory iPhone 4S and I tried a number of options nothing worked so far, so I need a sound one maybe you too. That’s why I decided to post this information for everyone with such problems. This is going to sound crazy, but I have tested it in exchanging MMS messages along with other iPhones on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and also with Email options.

iphone 4s

What you need? Step 1: Backup your factory iPhone 4S in iTunes Step 2: Download, install and open up iBackupBot (Google it) Step 3: Choose your recent factory iPhone 4S backup Step 4: Find and open the file named "" Step 5: Delete the text in this file and replace it with MMS GroupModeEnabled MMSC MaxMessageSize 1048576 MaxRecipients 10 MaxVideoBitrate 131072 Proxy UAProf UserAgent SonyEricssonW800i/R1L Step 6: Save all the changes Step 7:  Exit iBackupBot and open iTunes Step 8: Restore your factory iPhone 4S with the most recent backup Step 9: After your iPhone reboots go to Settings>General>Network and turn on Data Roaming Step 10: While still in Network settings check out >Cellular Data Network and enter "" as the APN for Cellular Data and Internet Tethering Step 11: Go into the following for MMS settings: APN: wap.cingular MMSC: MMS Proxy: NOTE: Leave all other fields empty, if they have anything in them, delete it. Step 12: Restart That’s all! You have MMS factory iPhone 4S unlocked.