We might see new MacOS pretty soon. Apple is believed to be working on this major upgrade [the next iPhone 7 should arrive in the fall]. Mac users are all familiar with OS X platform however there are some interesting hints in OS X 10.11.4 version that point to software rename. The version OS X 10.11.14 could become macOS in the future. Experts who explored the framework files are sure that the new name would be soon offered by Apple. There is one interface file which gives a hint about macOS nomenclature. MacOS News Apple 2016 Plans When could the Cupertino-based giant introduce macOS to users? We don’t know what exactly is planned by the ‘fruit’ company and when it would present such major update. It could happen only in the fall as such big changes are often introduced after summer is over. Learn what to expect from Apple in 2016 and find out more about upcoming gadgets. Apple likes to test beta firmwares once new mobile firmware and computer software are presented to developers and public beta testers. This usually happens during WWDC and this conference takes place in June. The upcoming 2016 event should unveil new iOS 10 and next Mac operating system. It could be real. Apple calls its mobile firmware iOS. Its Apple TV software is called tvOS. Smartwatch users are offered watchOS. Having OS X on computers doesn’t sound like all other platform names. It makes more sense to call it macOS. It could be next OS X 10.12 that would be renamed. Why not?