Chinese hackers presented new iOS 9.1 jailbreak solution and offered the first Apple TV 4 jailbreak. This is an interesting launch for ‘fruit’ consumers. If you are running tvOS 9.0 or version 9.0.1 you can use the Pangu program and perform jailbreak on your device. Pangu jailbreak for Apple TV 4 doesn’t support tvOS 9.2 or 9.1 versions. If you already updated to this release you are out of luck. But if you are still using older operating system you can give it a try. Apple TV jailbreak is mostly presented for security researchers and devs. Ordinary users are not advised to use it right now. Pangu Jailbreak for Apple TV 4 More modifications could be available in the future. For example, Apple customers who buy Apple TV could get a chance to modify their device, use new themes for its interface and get more features than Apple could provide. Right now Pangu jailbreak for Apple TV works only on Mac machines. It doesn’t support Windows computers and you should consider this fact before you try to use it. It is possible to download Pangu tool from Pangu site. There is also a guide which you can follow in order to test the jailbreak. If you have the iPhone or iPad you can use Pangu jailbreak to untether iOS 9.1 or update to iOS 9.3 platform and customize your device later. There are numerous Cydia tweaks you can download. They are constantly updated and improved so the number of ways how to enhance your iOS device is growing.