When does Pokemon for iPhone come out? This question is asked by millions of Apple fans as the game has already turned the world into a craze [learn what Nintendo games you can play on iPhone]. It’s limited for a while but you can already play it on your smartphone. Pokemon iPhone game 2016 caused Nintendo’s share rising by 60%. This is incredible as the game is available to limited number of users only and was already downloaded over 8 millions times in the U.S. only. iPhone owners can bypass this limit and actually enjoy the fun gameplay on their ‘fruit’ device. How to Play Pokemon Go on iPhone

How to Install Pokemon on iPhone Guide

Step 1. If your game is not available in your region yet there is something you can trick to get it. Use your iPhone to play Pokemon Go without issues. Step 2. Take your iPhone and sign out from the App Store. You need to also go to Settings and select General menu – Language & Region where you should select United States as your region [here is guide on how to play other Nintendo Games on iOS 9 platform]. Step 3. Now launch your App Store to get down to Sign In option. Choose Create new Apple ID menu. Confirm that your region is USA and fill out all the details for your new Apple ID. Remember to fill in any real U.S. address as your own and choose ‘None’ for your billing information. Step 4. Apple will send you an email to confirm the new Apple ID. Step 5. You can now launch App Store once again and log in using the new Apple ID. Now you can download and install Pokemon Go game and play it. Isn’t it cool? Step 6. Remember to sign out and sign in with the original Apple ID afterwards. The game is already installed so there is nothing to worry about.