There is a lot of amazing Cydia apps. Every new you find you want it. The large list of jailbreak tweaks could be on your iPhone. So if you are like me than you wish to try every one of them. And after downloading some Cydia app you may forget about it in the future. But there is need to remove Cydia apps. remove cydia apps Why it is important? Because the performance of your iPhone may be not good. I mean it becomes slower in “thinking”. If you are iPhone 4 user then you may remember your 3G. So it is important to remove Cydia apps. Some can say that you can just restore your device or remove Cydia apps after being queued. But I have simpler and fast decision for you. How it is possible well almost all tweaks have Mobile Substrate as a dependency. So if you remove Mobile Substrate then you delete all Cydia apps. Note: Removing Cydia apps is a new and not completely tested method, so back up your content (just in case).

How to remove Cydia Apps right away

Step 1.  Launch Cydia from your homescreen. remove cydia apps 4 Step 2.  Then go to Manage=> Packages and find Mobile Substrate by scrolling the list. remove cydia apps Step 3. Tap on Mobile Substrate and then tap on the Modify button situated in the top left corner. remove cydia apps 3 Step 4. Now tape Remove and confirm it on the next page. Step 5.  After waiting a while just reboot you iPhone. So as you see most of your Cydia apps are removed. If some of them are not removed then just delete them one by one. And that’s it. Enjoy your iPhone with faster usability and performance till you will full fill Cydia apps list again. And don't forget that you can leave you comment in the form below. Stay tune with me and I’ll give some more tips&tricks concerning Apple iPhone.