Have you heard about Apple recovery key generator? This is the tool that helps you restore lost Apple ID 14-character number. How can you use it? Everything is pretty easy-to-understand and you can trust us, this method will help you activate your iCloud account once it has been locked for security reasons. In order to generate new Apple ID key you should follow the guide. Step 1. The famous iOS company has an official site you should go to https://appleid.apple.com/account/home. Step 2. This website helps users to learn more about recovery key verification Apple ID procedure and allows adding changes to your account. Just go to Manage Apple ID menu to continue. Step 3. You should sign in. Use your ID and password for this purpose. Step 4. The site will ask you to verify yourself. It will send a unique code to your trusted gadget. Step 5. Enter the code you received and press on Continue. Step 6. You can now go to Password and Security menu where you are able to create Apple recovery key. step 6 Step 7. Select the menu which is called Replace Recovery Key. Step 8. Head over to Replace lost key option and choose Next. step 8 Step 9. Finally, you are here! Your recovery key will appear on your screen now. Print it, write it down, save it but remember where exactly it is saved because this is your protection and it can’t be kept on your computer as this is where it might get lost. step 9Step 10. Once you select Continue option you will have you enter your recovery key and activate it. That’s it. step 10 Was it simple to you?