The famous SAM unlock that brought freedom to all the iPhones allowing to unlock any baseband on any iOS firmware became insanely popular in the last three days. Here are some SAM unlock troubleshooting solutions for those who faced different kinds of problems while unlocking the iPhone using it. SAM Unlock Troubleshooting This was a long awaited tool as there was no software unlock for iPhone 4 as well as for iPhone 4s till now. All the hardware solutions  as Gevey unlock, TP-SIM unlock or R-SIM unlock became practically obsolete after SAM unlock appearance. Nevertheless this method wasn't developed specially for unlocking needs so it requires some skills and patience to get things working. We offer you basic SAM unlock troubleshooting guide which covers most common Q&A on the subject. We used mostly Sam Bingner's twitter account to gather the problems and answers for them together with some own experience we've got during unlocking our own iPhones.

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SAM Unlock Troubleshooting Guide:

@SimoneGaleazzi @sbingner: I can't find "Try Activation" @sbingner @SimoneGaleazzi: click "De-Activate" first... if you're already activated it can't activate. Both are in Utilities.
@drobles @sbingner: This is the message I get: "The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies of conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed." @sbingner @drobles: any time you get an error like that, odds are something messed up on the package list download - go to changes and click refresh
@sbingner: Anybody who does this unlock do NOT restore your phone until that is saved. I need to add code to save it properly.
@sbingner: The backup disappears because it doesn't know how to back that up yet - I will be adding code for that once I get what I am working on done
@Ekimalito @sbingner: lol, I guess you have a bunch more fans now. I guess yo had to upgrade your servers too.. cool to be very famous all of a sudden!
@sbingner @Ekimalito: no upgrades - I just had to fix the stupid default Config I had... @sbingner: Next up - proper backup support or multiple tickets - then restore support with options.
@sbingner: If not working: insert SIM that ALREADY WORKS to activate your phone. Click "Spoof" under "More" and then swap back. Activate under "Utils"
@sbingner:I just pushed an update for SAM-Put in SIM you want to work, select orig carrier (or auto), click "Try Activation" under "Utils" and done

SAM Unlock Troubleshooting 2

@sbingner: If not working: insert SIM that ALREADY WORKS to activate your phone. Click "Spoof" under "More" and then swap back. Activate under "Utils" shuvro @sbingner: so u mean no need the itune ?? @sbingner @Shu_vro: iTunes is for losers ;)
@AKW_Akin @sbingner: Great work!!! The unlock works but iMessage and FaceTime stopped working. It's "waiting for activation". @sbingner @AKW_Akin: also did you try turning SAM _OFF_ after?
@khiev_sombo @sbingner: How could i do if i check in More Information in SAM it appear Miss Match ICCID. can i activate with this sim card? @sbingner @khiev_sombo: turn off SAM
@SjDU @sbingner: Bro, But "Auto-Detect" does not work for every iPhone. Can you improve it more? @sbingner @SjDU: no actually I can't - there is no way to detect any more accurately
Q: Tried to unlock US ATT 4S iPhone via SAM method with German MVNO SIM (E-Plus Network) but keep getting error that the SIM card is from an unsupported carrier. Does this mean I can only use the SAM unlock with an officially supported carrier SIMs, e.g. T-Mobile USA or Germany, KPN Netherlands etc. even though the Discotel card I wanted to use is E-Plus which belongs to KPN?
To find an answer to that and more questions please check our site later as we will update SAM Unlock troubleshooting guides daily. Thanks again to Sam Bingner for supporting the unlock and useful info. UPDATED: More info on SAM unlock errors in this post.