There was the news that TinyUmbrella had been updated. And now it can support iPhone 4 on iOS 4. But first you should save your SHSH Blobs files. Why? Because next week we will see a new firmware update. But if you have your SHSH blobs on file then you need downgrade baseband 04.11.08 on  iOS 4.0.1 to iOS 4. SHSH Blob is a signature file which is verified against Apple Server to verify the the iPhone is running the latest version of iOS.iphone 4 shsh blobs Before we start read this crucial remarks. -          if you desire to restore your iPhone 4 to iOS 4, make sure you uninstall Wi-Fi Sync before trying to do so. -          in order to obtain your SHSH you must have the device attached. Restores on the iPhone 4 are not perfect. They error out locally but the restore does complete – it just needs to be helped along. (Much like downgrades where the baseband update fails). I’ll try to put the functionality in TinyUmbrella to fix this. For Mac users: Copy the app OUT OF THE DMG. The reason you are getting the repeating password prompts is because you ran the app from within the DMG. This is bad. Copy it anywhere and you’ll be fine. TinyUmbrella Save SHSH blobs From here onwards, you can simply follow the steps that i have posted here for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch. These steps are essentially the same for iPhone 4 except for some of the notes that I have posted above. Oh and if you want to learn more about what SHSH blobs or ECID SHSH files are, you can do so by reading one of my old article posted here. - Download TinyUmbrella (Mac OS X) - Download TinyUmbrella (Windows) Now you can be shore that your iPhone 4 would be functioning perfectly and you don’t need to worry about unsaved SHSH blobs. And if the new firmware update will come you and your gadget will be ready.