Are you using Instagram on your iOS 8 iPhone? Here is a short guide on iPhone Instagram photo sharing option that allows users post pictures and videos in both landscape and portrait modes [here are some useful typing tips for iOS smartphone owners]. The instruction should introduce you to the simple and enjoyable process of sharing your photographs as well as video files with friends. Instagram released the upgrade that no longer applies 1:1 aspect ration to each file you upload. This means the end of frustrations for all iPhone owners who didn’t like how the tool cropped out their pictures making them square.

How to Share Photos on Instagram from iPhone

Step 1. If you are already running the program on your iDevice you should upgrade it to version 7.5. If you don’t have it installed, download Instagram for iPhone [this is a free to download, install and use application]. Step 2. Launch Instagram on you smartphone. Step 3. You can start using the new orientations right away. There should appear the full size icon. In case it is absent you should check back later on. Instagram seems to be only rolling out this option and it might not be available to all users at once. Step 4. If everything is good, you can click on Open Camera option inside Instagram application on iOS 8 iPhone. Step 5. Choose the video file or photograph you would like to upload to the service or take a picture with your iDevice camera. Step 6. Click on the full size button [you can find it at the bottom of the picture]. If you would like to change its position within the frame you can tap your screen and move the image inside the frame. It is also possible to choose between landscape and portrait orientation by pinching and zooming out. Step 7. Do you like what you see? Click on Next and the adjustments will be applied. Step 8. The new photo or video should be now uploaded to Instagram. Enjoy!