Is it possible to play Super Mario on iPhone 6 without issues? We know that Nintendo wants to bring Mario Bros games to iOS devices but this could happen in the fall of 2015 which is nearly half a year away from now. There is a way to enjoy this popular gameplay on your devices right here right now. Thanks to Roystan Ross Super Mario 64 on iOS 8 is not just a dream. It is a reality that works thanks to the browser-based version of this game built with the help of Unity plugin. It supports nearly all possible platforms including OS X, Windows and others. It’s a bit tricky how you can bring it to your iOS 8 iPhone 6 smartphone, but the 3D game is really awesome and has no flaws at all as proved by developers. Unity can be playable on the iPhone but sadly James Fletcher who knows how to play Super Mario on iDevice is not planning to release this jailbreak tweak to the public. Fans of Mario games can install Unity on their computer in order to play the popular game of the end of the twenties century using Ross’ plugin. Everyone else who has the iPhone 6 or other smartphone model will have to wait until Nintendo releases new games with Mario or other characters that were loved years ago and are still loved by many of us.